If you or a loved one are facing long term care in a nursing home, the cost can quickly consume all of the savings and assets of the nursing home resident. The government will cover the cost of this long term care under the Medicaid program, but only after the nursing home resident has spent down virtually all of their "countable" assets until they have reached the poverty level. With proper planning, however, significant assets can be preserved for the medicaid recipient, their spouse and family.

Bob remains up to date on the latest regulations regarding medicaid planning, and in the proper context, can help plan to retain assets for an elder's heirs, while still preserving the independence, security and access to health care elders require.

If you are making plans for your "golden years" or if you are assisting your parents in doing so, you owe it to yourself to call Attorney Bob Hundertmark to weigh your various options, and explore the risks and benefits of each.